Save precious time

We find and collect the best providers into one place to save you hours of Googling, Twittering and asking colleagues.

Better decisions

We categorise providers according to what they deliver so you can compare them more easily.

Quality assurance

We vet every provider before they are listed so you don’t have to worry.

Grow excellence

Turn your development needs into areas of excellence.

We help you shine

We help you answer the questions school leaders are asking us about training, and when you’re on CPDBee, schools know you are excellent.

Quicker introductions

We connect you directly to schools whose needs have not already been identified but who are also looking for you.

Valuable feedback

We collect independent feedback and insight from across the market, and you get to see it and develop your offerings accordingly.

Greater reach and impact

Reach more schools, generate more income and make an even bigger difference in schools.